There are many of our homes members that are under demonic yoke, there are many family members that if no one rises to help them they will die. You are that envoys. God seek envoys that he will end to different family and territories. We must contend for levels where if men meet you once they will know they contact an ambassador.

A family came to me for counseling, One of their sons had been giving the family a big problem, when they came I told them is okay. I less than one minute the unto was casted out and I prophecy blessing into the family, it was not up to two days the father bought a car, an envoys, this is not trial and error, you have become a portal for heaven to find expression at any given time.

Do you believe that there is a kingdom assignment that had been committed unto you, to be a message of the reality, the essence and culture of kingdom.

I  vow to God years ago and I cried and I still cried, I said lord, I don’t want to be those many preachers with rhema  that cannot be defended.


For as long as the jurisdiction of our Christianity is just to receive, get blessed, find a life partner,  be very happy, get breakthrough, we will never be relevant as far as the advancement of Christ kingdom is concern. Unfortunately, this is what the  congregation of the Nigerian churches is predominately made up of. People come to God with problem, God solved there problem, and they don’t want any kingdom responsibility. Al they want is to sit down and one great man of God keep displaying the wonders of God.


My own blood sister did not have a job for a very long time I knew this thing was demonic, and when I was going home I had the opportunity to meet her, when I meet her she was trying to give me explanation, I told her don’t worry believe me I know what the problem is, I prayed with her, that was the end of the it, she got a job in Benue state.

This has nothing to do with M.O.G, are you getting me, it should be your default life. Look at your loves one. Some of you in your family nobody is born again, be honest, you are the first to be born again, who do you think will go and change them? Somebody else’s?


I remember one time my mother I think a goat or something  and people say eeehhhh she must look for one naira or  something and put in the place she got heat that if she don’t do it the goat or what ever, you are the envoy that will stop that  nonsense in your territory.

There are people that are doing traditional Christianity. Enter there room. There is one  ancient arrow that they gave them, and one jazz they put on the pole, and some ropes and some candles they don’t use them but when the  journey get tough the tough get going they know how to go and pull it out. Until your Christianity begins to confront the get of hell, then you are still joking.

There are some of you ladies here, nobody in your family had gotten marriage, would you not be the first person to say not only will I break that, I will break first for my life and go back I release any that relies on me from that captivity.

Say am an envoy, am   an ambassador, I have the mandate to take the culture of the heaven to every sphere of influence.





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