When God says he is faithful is because he cannot lie not that he does not lie, when man does not lie it means it is within to lie, he just does want to, if God calls it a car, it become a car immediately , anything he prophecies it will become even If it’s a mistake  and say you are bless , he cant take it back you are blessed….

When God speaks  a word every spiritual principles begins to move in alignment to that word, when he cause the tree in mark 11:3 suddenly all the root stops taking water… until that tree dries.

If you find a word for your life and you appropriate it by faith, you engage the angels  you engage the  holy spirit, you engage everything … if god tells you strangers shall feed your flocks and you believe, you will only believe when you understand that another name for God he is called the father of spirits, that means every spirit is subject to his name that means at will he can begin to move every spirit  of men, believers or unbelievers . he is called the father of spirit.

When we know the ways of God then we can trust him and we cannot know the ways of God until we  search the scripture.

I have shared it here one time we were coming  from port-Harcourt in a luxurious bus, and then arm robbers they just attacked and put this barricade  and every body was  shouting in the name of What ever, I was sited,  God is my witness I didn’t shout , I didn’t spirit. One word came to my spirit, he will keep them in  perfect peace whose minds are stayed toward him…. That was how our car jumped those metallic  and thing happen anything to our tires, the robbers didn’t shoot, they didn’t do anything.

Here in our house, we were sleeping, a thief came in and stole my laptop and ran up, by the time I work up  heard that the guy had run. I said lord two things will happen, you give me money to buy another one or restore that one.. about 7 hours  later my laptop was back on my table.


Listen to me all things are possible not for everybody, you can be dying in a situation and somebody walked passed , the ship was voutarious   and Jesus was sleeping. The deep of your understanding of the word of God is what will keep you  and give you confidence.

As a ministry we have trusted totally  on God, for ministry, for finances for the word of God and God  has confirmed our word by his grace..

You got to stay with the word of God, it amazing how people packed up their bible and throw  and then we are running looking for what only the word of God can give.

If we spend half we are running looking for money, looking for fame, looking for power, looking for the anointing  spend that time and spend with God word and  allow ourselves to be educated  enough to understand his ways, then we will right as kings in this life.

I will like you to know one central message God want you to get…

Its not about the location it about where the word is. And Isaac sow in that land and  reap that same year a hundred fold and God ………its about the word of God. If you can hold on to the word of God, it will be a light to your path.



If there Is any message I want you to wrap up this year with is to come to a point  when you take the word of God seriously. Can I tell you something, this life will test  the deposit  of the word of God in you, don’t let anyone fool you, you will be tested   in every area where you have the word of God.

The bible says if your strength fails you in the day of battle the it means  your strength is small, many of us  who want to be  a leaser, times will come we all are going to be  father and mother and you know  we have this illusion and we just sit down and see  nice house and then you are working  in the  office and suddenly you become the director of the company , in your imagination is very correct but out the word of God is not as easy as it is, ask our parent.


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