The primary assignment as far as building believers or as far as  church  growth is concern is  not only salvation but  discipleship. Without discipleship believers cannot matured. Discipleship is not inculcating denominational perspectives.


Discipleship is the system of mentor-ship, you use the course content called doctrine to mentor believers  a methodical  approach to spiritual growth. There are many  ways to learn how to drives …….. when your  parent goes out  you carry the car , that’s a bad way to drives, you can moves the car but you will know the things you don’t the day you enter the road. But there is someone who will go to the school of driving and be taught properly , sometimes the  persons who goes to the school of driving he already can drives , but the first lecture will humble him……….


This is how many believers are, you can sit on your own and learn anything you want, oooo I saw this book by Kenneth Copeland, Gods will is prosperity, I have learnt it beautiful, now I know everything about prosperity, they didn’t tell you there are attacks that comes with every realm, they didn’t tell you  that money there is a spirit  around it, if a circumcision did not happen to you it will tear you  into pieces. Then you find one book on prayer and fasting  then you learn something , then  you stumbled on sermons on YouTube about  spiritual growth  and maybe you attend a conference somewhere and after five years you stand and said am matured, do you know something about finance ? yes, do you know something about character? Yes, do you know something about spiritual growth? Yes. When demons look at you, you are full of real with Gaps, gasp everywhere that can be used against you, but when he builds you .. you will be so formidable. There is a way your life will be so fill with the glory of God, you will lives as if  you not a normal human being on earth. If you don’t contend for transformation, you will never understand any other dimension , you will not believers they exist.



There is no  other way to excel in this world…… the truth of this kingdom can be found in the bible, your prosperity, your increase, every question you truly asked and desire an answered  there can be an answer from the scripture, why am I not making progress? there is an answer, why am I not excelling?, why is my knowledge of God unfruitful? There is an answer, it is only him that seeks finds an answer.


You  can continue to allow your days to just live itself, like kicking a car putting it on gear and allow it to drives itself, hoping that one day your life would drives itself into a beautiful prophetic destiny or make up your mind tonight to  take responsibility. There is a difference between authority and taking responsibility.

Sometimes you can be studying on finance and people and your sociological environment can make you fell guilty, there are  many more serious things to study what are you doing with finance?  that may be where you are with the holy ghost but society can make you feel guilty and give up and say  let me focus on prayer or this no, no. every dimension of the kingdom required of you to grow is important, you ignore it, you will pay for it.

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