Sometimes when you see men you think is about them, my brother is a lie, the strength of a man is captured in his dealings. God will alight on it as an excuse t reach out to  the people. The things that happens through us, sometimes we too beg God to  have those experiences. What people receive by  hearing you, sometimes we pray to have that experience, but it’s a spirit, so that you become a conduit pipe through which the spirit can reach your generation.


Don’t try to do things that are special, do things that are spiritual .  those days when I started hearing my sermons I said kai, must I tell the whole world that I am an Idoma man? The accent was so strong, I said  o god which preacher speaks English like this?  I now  said , okay , let me try and polish myself, so when I went to preach I say Glory to Jesus, you see, the lord, see I was chocking like this only me, when the anointing came on me, I become wise and instantly s I began to speak, the energy began to sipe out, I say okay this thing is not about voice…….. so me that thought I was saying something I don’t know this how I sound, like a local man from the heart of Idoma  land, was there any hope ?….. when the spirit alight , that voice that sounds like a Yoruba man suddenly becomes  a voice crying in the wilderness , people will hear it and they will e stick in their spirit, they don’t know what they heard but a spirit has alighted on it, interact. What defines the destiny of a man, the elders knew so nothing broke their relationship with God, they could shutdown for 3 months to  hear the voice of God before they go out again, they could  cancel an invitation to speak with a president , interaction, they know that’s where their strength dwells.


This is why most times, the greatest part of their life are the things they do in the closet, Jesus was preaching everyday, you will think he was preaching everyday, when the  disciples came, they said teach us to pray, they didn’t say teach us to preach,, they didn’t say teach us to heal the sick,  you will think those are the predominant things about Jesus ministry prayer  was the heaviest . that was why even though they were daft,  it was prayer they asked for, because every time they saw the man    (Jesus) he was talking with a spirit, they  knew he was doing what he was doing was because  of those quite time he was talking with the  spirit, so they too wanted to know it. So when John came, he said that which was from the beginning , which we heard with our eyes, we saw with our eyes and our hands handle of the word  of life, that is what  we come to commit unto you, and what did he call that thing ? the word of life, and what was that word of LIFE? It was fellowship, he said truly our fellowship  is with the father.


When you stay in Gods presence is never a waste, you mate may go ahead of you they have  not gone anywhere, wait until you are 50 years . Rev. Chris told a story  he and  two of his friends when they graduated from the school, they  knew they were called  but one went to the U.S today he is  a consultant surgeon , but today Rev. Chris is a trangenerational entity.

When you find out what God has crafted you for,  you will commit your life to it. Am not talking zeal, am talking ordination, nobody has gone ahead of you, in that place you were praying, the bible  says the hand of God came upon Elijah, and he outran the chariot of Ahab, a man in the place of prayer overtaking a king. Mysteries

May god help us not to strangle what he is building in our spirit, that’s what will make us count.


I applied for a job, I wanted to become an army officer, so when I came back from service in 2013, everything was worked in place the air command  in the tactical air command was the one that endorse my paper, after the whole interview I was number 3 on the list, they send the list to Abuja and God told me, you will not work. From that time, I also have another opportunity to become a naval officer, from air force to Navy, the Navy  own that time I have mature so God told me myself to reject it. Nothing appeal to me like to wear an army uniform, this is how I will be standing …….. kai those things die because they are not in consistent with ordination.


Your life is a story that God telling from heaven, give him a chance. Yield to the holy spirit, fraternized with the government of Zion, and allow God to break out of you, you don’t  have an idea . you think you know yourself?  you don’t have an idea, you are judging yourself based on your circumstances and family background, you  don’t have an idea.


Sometimes in 1 month I receive more than 12 invitation  from different  countries of the world, more than 7 countries will give you  10 invitation in 1 month, you will cancel all of them, how will you begin to imagine it, because everything about your possibility is rapped in that thing that God is doing in your spirit. When it begins to break out, then you will discover that it was not a waste that your waited on God. You want to be truly great? This is were men a forged,  you must interact until that thing becomes loud and you can trust it. So when you are in prison no door  is open but you can look at the windows of heaven and it will always be open…… when you are stranded  in your life, there is one that walks with you.



Jesus  says, he is never alone, the father walks with him, it didn’t matter even if all the whole apostle ran away from him he could not be broken, because God was always  with him. He understand the intelligence of fraternity more than anything . anytime he confronted the devil, the bible says God was with him……


The secret of mighty men in this Kingdom is fraternity….. the strength of a man is the degree to which he  fraternizes with God. So you  can him away from civilization and throw him away  into the cave, you will think he will die their, in the cave there, ravens will feed him with bread. His possibilities are be young what human kind can defined. You will throw him into  a cave, the cave will become the window of heaven and a a trumpet will sound, he will leave that cave and go to heaven  , he will be in heaven for three days, when he comes  on earth, it will be 50 years …….

Spiritual door ways are not location base… they are based on the carriage of the human spirit, so a man who carries a dimension of God, even if he enters a wilderness that will become a window of heaven .

There are men that don’t die, because  understand the intelligence of spiritual fraternity , I know the voice of God has become alien to some of us, to some we are doing a lot of things for Jesus, but today let us pray that God will activate that code again.

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