You need to understand at what energy level will the word of God be quick and powerful? When it means quick it means its alive, there are certain things that you will say, it will not touch the heart of the people. I need you to know that when the heart of men are pieced,  and they cry for God, it is power that is at work. The heart of  a man is very deep and dense, it will take something very  heavier, something like hammer, the bible says that the word of God in my mouth is like  hammer, there are  three fold manifestation of the word of God in the mouth of a man when it becomes effective.

The bible says the word is like sword, its cut, when you hear it it will cut, it will cut to the depth of your  heart. You cant explain why you are crying but yet you are crying, its cutting circumcision the fore skin of the flesh, bringing you to the place where suddenly you will become vulnerable because an average man don’t want to be vulnerable he wants to  worship but he want  to worship God in a way that he okay but God will bring  you to the point where you have nothing of your own and then from there  begins to walk.


And then the bible says the word is like a hammer. There  people there heart is like Olumo rock, so  if you are just  talking them is seems like you are just splashing water on a rock, it is not touching them, you need to bring hammer. I have gone to many territories to minister and when I stood I saw that the ground is hard, many pastor and many people are not aware of this. You can disciple someone fo 5 years and the person will not change, because what the people is looking to hear is not the correct thing, you are saying the correct thing  but there is no power to break through to the place in him where there is response and as long  as that continues the rate of  time it takes  for discipleship in the body of Christ, it can take  ten years for somebody to become matured, but Jesus taught people for three years  and they became apostle, three years and this is when the  operation of the indwelling spirit is not  manifest they the working s of God is fundamentally from the outside, but  Jesus was able raise them to a point where he can hand the mantle over to them.


And then the bible says the word is like fire, there are things that   people respond to, sometimes it will be burning deep, as if you dropped it on a flammable surface … and sometimes because of the  burning you cannot stand the burning the burning of God ahh, there  are many things that will not get done in the kingdom of God until we experience the burning of God, sometimes all men need is to experience the burning, when the burning comes  then there will begin to yern for that  dimension . many things that you told them that they didn’t bother to hear, when the burning comes they will say no, there is something you  are saying now that ministers to my heart, they have been  hearing you before but the burning came now and suddenly  they will ask you, what have you been saying before, as if what you were saying was not correct, it is the burning .

When the power comes you will stop begging .

Have you  notice  a lady that has the spirit of immorality when she comes close to you , you start feeling it, why won’t people  come around and feel God, they will come around you and feel heaven because of  what you are carrying, why would you carry something that is givable, something cannot be transmitted , something that not be touch. You have to insist that in this surface God will mantle you with power, I cant represent him without something requisite , depending on where God is sending you, sometimes God will send you to a place where falling under power  is no more enough, he is sending you to place where native doctors will come and submit   what they have submit their charms because the only way  that they can be able to be save.



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