One of the indicators of his voice is authority, he  is not speaking to suggest, he is speaking to be obeyed. If you become humble enough to obey him, you will see how wise  he is….

The holy ghost, he is wise, don’t fight a man that knows the holy Ghost, don’t fight him, overtime you will know you were a fool.


there is a stronger manifestation of the presence of God when the holy Ghost speaks, remember your human spirit is regenerated by  the holy Ghost.. do you know when you are studying your bible and some revelation open, the voice of the holy ghost  comes with his presence, as it is opening you are being saturated . there is density of presence that accompany the speaking of the holy ghost… so that you can never mistaken that he is the one at work, your human spirit can be giving you inspiration but the holy spirit  berds you in glory. That what Jesus Christ meant when he said, the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life, they transmit life. And  so there is a stronger manifestation of the presence of God  when the holy spirit speaks to you, the over whelming presence…

You need the measure of the presence of God that accompanies your  spiritual transaction, is a proof that the holy spirit is responding.

The voice of the holy spirit is inwardly louder than the voice of your human spirit. You can dream and wake up and forget it, that might be your human spirit trying to communicate with your soul, but you cannot forget a dream that came from the holy spirit, it is so loud, infact, you will even believe that reality was a lie, that  that dream was so real than .. is when  you wake woke up you will be begin to wonder, where am i? if you pray in the night you will dream more. If you pray in the night regularly, you will have a basis  of trusting  your dreams more than someone that doest pray in the night..


We cannot reason with the voice of the holy spirit because he is firm in his instruction. On the other hand, human spirit we can reason with the human spirit, because he persuade us, it persuade us to follow the ways of God, you cannot reason with the holy ghost because he is firm in his instruction.. for those  of you that meditate a lot, one of the things to train our spirit , your recreated spirit needs training, and that’s the  reason Paul in recommending that we exercise  our human spirit deliberately, and consistently  and  consciously, he told us his own testimony, he was not trying to brag about his spiritual attainment, but he says , I thank God that I speak I tongues more than you all, that is  something he has to do deliberately.


The holy spirit deals with revelation and the human spirit  deals with perception, the  holy spirit communicate on behalf of the father and the lord Jesus Christ, he is like a facility, a facility that is put in place in order to link you up with the father, link you with Jesus, if  Jesus is peaking the Holy Spirit is the facility , he is neutral, he just brings what Jesus is saying, and connects you to that  frequency, he bring to what the father is saying and he connects you  to that frequency, he is like a P H system, so when am speaking through this microphone, the microphone  runs through  mixer, the amplifier and then it releases what  am saying  through the speaker sand also online, its not necessary infiltrating what am saying, its just making it available and that’s what Jesus  meant when he was taking of the holy ghost, he says he shall glorify me, because he will take that which is one me and make it available unto you, so the holy spirit is like  catalyst, a catalyst hasting the rate of reaction but is not necessarily part of the reaction.


You can hear God if you are not baptize in the holy spirit but it will take you many years when you old, that’s when you will hear him once or twice, but if you have the holy spirit  you can hear him every day.

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