There is a price to pay in order to achieve success.

No world changer runs a normal schedule, no leader of war lives a normal lifestyle, everybody pays something extra to become extra ordinary, until you are out of  your comfort zone, you cant many impact, let wake up, time is running out.


There are many or no business owner who don’t have urgent.  You can’t experience a change of position without taking responsibility; we have been redeemed as price and king to reign on the earth. Everyone of use is potentially redeemed a leader, all we have to do is take responsibility of emerging one and you will emerge.

When covenant university began, because it must work and the prize to make it work must be paid, we vacated our home, . it was 7.8 acr property, it  was a place for us to lived in, but to make this work, you must pay the price.

Today we have competing favorably on a global scene with several awards to match. You can make it work but not without paying the price.

God said to me there is a place for you on top If you are interested, I said “lord I am interested” he said “then do whatever I tell you to do” there is no man in his right mind who will not be interested to get to the top, there is no one who will get there without paying the price.

The top is always at a cost, but the cost is within your reach, if you will choose to. Access to the top is always at your cost, are you interested? You have to be determined, your determination today will define your destination tomorrow. You must be determined to make in life, but not without a price.



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