It is important to come to a point in your life where the word of God rises from just being a  spiritual book … where the word of God become more than a spiritual book, where  the word of God become more than a theological book, you must come to  a point where the  word of God becomes your life, where the word of God become everything to about your life, ……… the bible says man shall not leave by bread alone but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of God, it say, my son pay attention  to my word, incline  your ears to my sayings, it day let them not depart from your  heart, it says they are light to  those who find them………. Joshua 1:8, this book of the law……

When we study the word of God we  understand the principles of the kingdom, how God design this kingdom to function, when we understand we can apply our heart.

I tell you something friends, there is no situation in this life that the word of God does not have solution, it may take a while but the end thereof is joy, if it will take your life trusting the word of God  you will come up with joy and an ending testimony, who through faith, faith in what ? the word of God, men  change the story of their life.

We live in a generation people give all kind of excuses,  the government is not this  they are paying us scholarship, you better stop those excuses and start  taking the word of God serious , my father is irresponsible my mother is irresponsible, if they love me, they will be sending my pocket  or they would have been doing this and that,


I inherited this genotype from my wicked parent , as if they didn’t know but they got married now…

You may not be able  to do anything about yesterday but you can be able to do something about today. If there is something the word of God cannot do then it means the word of God is not above all, trust the  word of God. This have been my message to people, that they should take the word of God  seriously, beyond  inspiring women, beyond everyday with women, beyond rysody of reality, those devotional are wonderful but if that all  you do it will not  equip you to become victorious.

You have got to invest in the word of God, take the word of God seriously. Many people celebrated Jesus Christ and we talk about many things, do you realize that the Jesus we talk about  is the same one the bible calls the word of God…

Take the word of God serous if not you cannot have faith, the bible says faith comes by hearing , its not just some faith news, faith does not just come by blindly news, faith comes by understanding. When you hear the word of God and you understand his principle, it will work out result for you…

You believe God to the degree to which you understand his ways. .. when understand God and his ways, for instance, when the bible says  for we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, them that are the called, you see when you understand the ways of God  the you will be able to believe that verse otherwise  humanly speaking it does not make sense.

Why would God says all things work together for the good of those who love him? It because of three attributes that he possess that can release in this earth realm number one is

Mercy: the mercy of God is one of his attribute that make things work together for the good of those that love him, when you know that God is merciful , it means that even when you know that you willingly took yourself to  a point when you should suffer some consequences , he will introduce  his mercy to that situation and the mercy of God vindicate you, when  it obvious that you should be punished.

On account of his mercy he tells you that everything will work for the good.

  1. his restoration, God is able to restore, and I will restore to you the years the cankerworms have eaten, so that ability of God it makes you understand, when God say all things can work for your good you know that even where you legally in that  situation the restoration of God can take you out……

Restoration is not the same a progress, the bible says the end of Jobs life  God restored double, because of his predicament God restore double, he says I will restore in 7 fold.


The third thing that makes  all things work together for good is called the sovereignty, the ability of God to  bomb into this realm without any mans permission , there are times God does things like that …… it was the  sovereignty of God that slump soul on his way to Damascus, soul was not  ready to repent, God took him by force, that  attribute of God is still existing , that when God speaks a word and say I will bless you by this time tomorrow, he will shake everything in heaven and on the earth, shakes everything that needs to shakes till that word come to pass because his reputation is at stake, so he will shake the heavens and the earth, but if you do not understand this attributes of God, you will not understand why thing will work for God of them that loved him.

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