It  easy for many  people to see you getting bless and say ahh are you not a man of God, how many people are in koinonia?  every service somebody  must bring something…. Was  I born with Mic on my hand? (JOKKINGLY ) the word of God was not written for minister, it was written for any body who takes God and ways his ways serious.

I shared with you my mums story how that  things  were not working , they were not paying them salary, my mum sat to me and cry one day, is this how my life is  going to end I told he I bring you some kingdom principles would you receive she said yeas and I taught her certain things, today by the grace of God my mum is  a proud owner of a flourishing poultry farm, receiving  favor from all kinds of people including myself. They look at Jesus and say can anything Good come out of Nazareth? But when you sat with the word of God you will surprise people, the  word of God will turn you into a wonder  because you have gone through too much when you get to that point, you will not but give him the glory, there is no time to give glory to yourself, how many of us believe the word of God in this place?.

The  secret of victory in this life is the word of God, believe  the written word , believe the spoken word, whether spoken directly from God or trough  his vessels, you now sometimes this familiarity has  kill a lot of people.

Bishop David Oyedepo say the value  you place on a person determine the vitue that will flow  to you. I remember Rev.Dr. Umai Ukpai something happens,  his brother and one of the friend they were sick and then the  friend told the brother, he says give me your brothers numbers tats  umai Ukpai e says I want to call him for prayers  and then he laugh and he say you mean my brother? And the other friend was heal, Umai Ukpai brother  remain in the sickness there because he was still looking at his brother .



I have share  with you hare about a story that touches my heart.

A man and his wife  were married , true life story and things were not working in there family, he was a preacher but he was preaching the word, teaching  men the principles of this kingdom, they were being stranded financially  and then one day while  he was speaking his wife got up and went out of the church, and he was worried and was like  what kind of thing this, he was done, he rushed  home and then he sat the table waiting  for her to serve him and he notice that she package the  food in avert strange way it wasn’t the usually way, she took a special tray, you know  that tray you will hide  only for visitor, she brought it out and  he was just watching . when she served him, she served him as tough he wasn’t her husband  and then she knelt  down and say something, she said servant of God  my family  is in  a financially crisis pray for me that was her husband. Are you seeing that revelation he said suddenly the power of God came on him, he said he layed down his hands upon her, the woman says I cant sit down and am watching people shouting Amen and am saying in is my husband and things are not working, we ar eddying here and things are not working , I must  recognized the difference and  he prayed  and according to him, people began to sow  and blessing them, he says he loved his wife as though he never loved her before  wisdom, where you  learn to value  vessels, let me tell you something, the anointing of God respond to the demand you place on it. There are many things God has blessed us with.


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