Some of us they shot us arrow when we are in the womb, and then you try to  logically explain things that are going on, I have come to understand better  over the years is that nothing just happen, and the easiest way to make things happens is in the spirit and all of this potential  are taking advantage more by people that speaks for darkness than the people that speaks for light.


How can you explain the fact the two intercessors took my uncle to the village  they stand the entire compound and found a door that is locked and said oya break this door, they broke it and  found implement and spiritual articles of worship and divination sufficient to begin 6 independent shrines .


And when they  brought the articles out, one of them was a mobile articles  a none living object that was mobile it has motion . the entire village gathered in my compound like in Nigeria film they started burning this instrument but this mobile one could move, black in color like a creature  but yet like an idol but it has motion to it, some body say arise,  but you see I was not dead spiritually because  I began  the battle 12  years ago, and when on Thursday those people visited my compound in the village God told me “I have began to deliver your people”. In order for you to be save in the hand of that mobile article you have to maintain a radius , a save radius if not the mobile  equipment have the ability to limp, didn’t just have the ability to  move it could also limp.

During the watch, one of the  small boys around compromise the maximum  allowable radius and went closer than necessary and the mobile  lift up and stick here and began to suck his blood right in the day light  am not lying as he began to suck the blood the mobile thing now became  more magnetic then the intercessor began to pray  heavily and cast it but it did not let go then a goat now compromise the radius and they cast it upon the goat and it  move from the child and stick to the goat and because no body prayed for the goat it dies In 15 minutes . meanwhile they have been seeing dead in the territory , do you realize that exposure came because somebody arose.

Do you know the small child that was recover from the living object, the child was sick after that incidence ,  and that was  what they have been using to suck people’s blood. That is an automated sucking  blood engine. Even if you are in Mexico, France , because you have that  blood line, they will  call your name as they will call the name of other people and they  put a sucking machine , if it were a revelation  that somebody picked and told my family member, they would have denied and say their no idolater, tell your neighbor arise.

There is  clarion call right now the devil have eaten  into our time and destiny, years have been accumulated  for oppression, for wickedness and for darkness and for the  course of this peril is the women that are at ease and the daughters that are careless. If we take an inventory in this hall now, how that we do not understand territory, we don’t know  when to fight, you will see that we have lost so much ground to the enemy and there are years that  have been measure out to principalities within the corridors of out allotment, within  the scope of our own very territory and there is this temptation  that well it doesn’t  matter we will commit it into the hands of God , we will commit it, commit it…….

Time have already been capture

My father was a very great analyst of the scripture, in fact when the  pastor finishes to preach as he is driving us home, he will say why did he use Romans 5, I don’t believe that thing he says, in the church that year they have  a clique at the left hand side  back of their type, they will sit at the back, when the preacher is preaching they will touch themselves , I saw those old men those day but when it comes to the best he will do is analyze scripture  but my  mother do the contention in the night, but he will wake up and take his possession  and claim the victory that you see  we have amast so much over the years  why he is not design to disarm, he doest know how a young lad translate to become an adult  that stands in the fear of God the best he can do is adjust the rules and regulation, we will do  morning devotion in the morning. It is spiritual that souls must be contended in the spiritual realm.

When we don’t arise on time principalities takes advantage of time and we arise in the middle of time that the principalities  have already been given a throne to function and you are expecting that the prayer you do in 6 months should just … do you know how long the  situation was created, when the balance of the spirit was delayed.




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