The Two Personalities in Every man

There are  two personalities on the inside of your, Christ  is in your spirit and you, you are in your soul…. There is a consistent fight between you and the Christ and the trust testimony of the Christian life is Galatians 2:20…………. That is a radical scripture, you must understand that , how  we get there?

This is what happens to you, in every situation that comes up, maybe I slap you, your soul will give you a suggestion  as to how to act to redeem your image so that  you will not be shameful, youwill not be ashamed.

Secondly  your spirit too has a response but it happens that the response of your soul is more than that of your spirit because your soul is developed than your spirit.. when  somebody insult you feel ashamed, it means the insult has  touch your soul, your emotion had picked it and the response  of your  emotion is shame and that response has  been analyze in your mist “why will I be ashamed before many people? And then suddenly your mind evaluate it and pass the information to your will and  you want to redeemed your image  in a carnally and fleshy fashion, but you see the recommendation of the spirit coming from Christ is different from that  which your mind has.

The bible is suggesting  to us that when a situation like that comes up that demand a response that triggers  a response from your soul and from your spirit ,what you do is that you applied the cross to the response that came from your soul, apply death to it so that your spirit can have expression that the only way you can be a man according to Gods definition.


Two personalities seeking expression from your inside, have you consider the husband and wife scenario, every time there is a problem at home, it is because somebody has rejected the pathway of the cross, if there is one person .

Sister if there will be peace in your home, I suggest you embrace the cross more……… you need something more than tongues to survive. Family  life is the most  practical scenario for the manifestation of  true  Christianity that’s why God even allowed it to happen , it the best checker for your life under the holy spirit.


Because you will see action that  recommend you take knives in the night and stab  the person, kill the person then the situation will be solved.

You know that thing that makes you feel am being cheated, am the one doing everything, if by  any means you are in a family and God had given you the  grace for a job and so many people are depending on you and you ever come to a point and say  they want …….. flesh wants to  rob you of your persons. How much are you earning in the first place?, how much?


Anything that wants you to feel selfish is an epidemic to the development of the spirit life, the cross that’s one of the most radical thing in the Christian faith. A man that allows the authority of the cross to be applied to his life so that the authority of the soul life can begin to diminish  and then the  authority of the spirit life can then begin to increase, t will take many years of dealings but the beauty is, it keeps becoming better and Christ keeps becoming manifested  the process goes on painfully. But Jesus said , if I am the man that God acknowledge  if am the author of this path then let me show you the way, if any man want to follow my footsteps , he will take up his cross and denied himself,  denied human life ad ,live from the resources of the divine.

God will ask you to be praying for people for your family and those people will come and torture you and you will get angry, if you  ever go that way , all your prayers are cancel, just know it.

If you insult me it does not change the anointing I carry, if you insult me it does not  change the destiny, then why response ?

I have seen a big man before, he has billions, when he wanted to die like a chicken , when a witch craft….. kai may God not humble you in the night…. His soul has been posses. When you soul want to speak you applied the cross, and if you walk that way for many years you will begin to see that more and more Christ is revealed.  When you surrender like that you look foolish but your spirit gaining  mastery of your universe. Your  is popping out , a time will come when your spirit life will have authority than your soul. When you begin to fast you should will then tell you “ you wan kill yourself? You don go seven days already” the more you apply the cross to it, the more the voice of the flesh begins to die.



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