Dear father today we come today not to ask for promotion in our working place, we are here not to plead that you gift us with a new house , Jesus we come tonight not to ask for our life partners, neither are we here tonight to ask for bread and wine, we know they are good and necessary but there is a desire that supersede them all.

There is a vacuum, a desiring that span beyond the bothers of materials things, it goes beyond the boundaries of the things our flesh and soul desire.

It’s a desire that keeps the patriarch going in their walk with you.
It’s a desire that only them who want to walk in the ancient path crave for.

It’s was that desire that made apostle Paul, a colossal being, whose life have become a stream that many drink from, to say
“That I may christ ” regardless of the level he has attained.

O God beyond the place of wearing Italian suit and speaking queens English we are cry that you take us into a deeper walk with you that our lives will become a currancy you spent here on earth to buy the souls of men for your glory.


Jesus we pray today that beyond the culture and norms of going to church on Sundays we cry that you teach us the mysteries of staying in the secret place that we may become weapons of war in your hands kaii kai

Jesus we come tonight that beyond singing on the stage, take us into a deeper realm with you that we will begin to sing songs of the celestial beings that no man or woman who hears us sings will continue in sin ahhh

If there is anything we cry for tonight is no that we know how to manage the stage and coordinate ourselves while speaking but that you take us yonder such that our words will carry your signature,  as we open our vocal cords to speak, the things we say will travel pass the head and pears the heart of men. Kai Kai.

Jesus take us to the secret placet that the constitution of zion will be  written in our heart that we may live heaven here on earth.

I don’t know if this message is for someone reading this, incase you are the one, can you begin to contend to go deeper in God beyond the level you are.

God is a fountain that can never dry, come and drink to your satisfaction. The level of your hunger determined the deep you will go in God, God has no end, only by hunger came you go deeper.

Holy ghost as keep beholding your glory, may we experience transformation unexplainable.

It’s a heart cry.

Can we pray.

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