The life of being Death that  God reveal to us through the life of Jesus to be the only way to greatness in this kingdom, promotion is littered on the corridor of dead, the far you travel in dead the more mighty you will become, because the resurrection power works after dead, until dead is initiated there  can be no resurrection.

Every time the flesh refuses to die, the glory of God will be locked up in earthen vessel.


What  causes the glory of God to come out like a flame of fire…. Is the degree of dead you have subjected your soul to because the soul will choose flesh, the soul will choose pleasure, the soul will choose everything that is not of God and for God to cause to that point when you can represent him, he will kill the power of the soul. This is a path that Jesus revealed, and the bible says he is the author and the finisher of our faith, the way we will walk this path is the way Jesus pioneer, so we saw in the morning that Jesus’ life is not just a seed that God sow to save mankind,  Jesus is the pattern line.


His life is the pathway that every body that must advance  in this kingdom will follow. The same way he walked that life, is the same way everyone must follow, and even though we all saved in Christ and all of us are sited with Christ in heavenly places, our experience are different, our experiences and our authority level  are splitted into different caders in the spiritual realm, that means the level you will operate from in this kingdom is  not longer God dependent, is  you dependent. Your willingness to choose  the ways he reveals to you to damage the import of the fall in your life what will determine the rate of progress that you will enjoy. You can choose to have double promotion in one month, it depends on  what you are willing to die to.


So every time the holy ghost comes and he traffics our lives with signals, you wake up in the morning and the holy ghost says kai, don’t go out, you wake up in the morning the holy ghost no for in the morning for 7 days……..the holy says break that relationship, the more you keep relationship, the more you slow down your progress in the calendar of heaven and the danger of it is that every man has a circle in the spirit and  maybe your circle can come  once in three years  and God wanted you to enter another level and that lady is a distraction, your soul cannot go to a higher level so leave her. Leave her, when your window  you now refuse and you struggle with the holy ghost for eight month, you don’t want  die to that lust, is after eight months when you finally die, that time your widow have closed. That’s why many people repeat classes . in the school of the spirit, as quick as you obey God is how quick you are promoted,  every time we reduce to obey God, we delay the path of spiritual progress.


There are no way that  God has to bring a man into statue in the spirit, the ways are few, Paul says I beseech thee brethren, that you present your bodies  as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, then you shall be able to discern the  what is the good , the acceptable and perfect will of God, that means in the corridor of the will of God the extent of the will of God you can find is the extent you present yourself as a living sacrifice, the reason we are not promoted in kingdom matters is because we have defile and refuse to comply with the holy ghost on matters that that has to do with dead.

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