The Bible is Written for you

The bible is written for you

our might have heard me say in my teaching just because the bible  is open does not mean it iso open, just because you can flip it open does not mean it is open, there is  a seal that unlock this. The bible is a compendium of secrets and just because you open and tou are reading does not mean the light is coming from it.

The secret of the kingdom are hidden in the bible and until the spirit of grace opens your eyes to see , it says open thou my eyes, was he blind?….. the day God  opens your eyes, you will open this bible and you will  no longer be reading a story , you will be reading yourself literary, you will find a place written  about you, you will know that no one has fulfill that prophecy yet.

It is not every prophecy here that was fulfill and is just informing us he, there are prophecies  here that are men on earth who will fulfill it. One day you will stumble upon a scripture and when you read it you will know this verse is for you not  prophetically I mean directly that this one is a verse about  you. When the messiah prophecy   was written Isaiah 61, these prophetically to the church  but it was  written about a specific individual, when Jesus  came in Luke 4 that it was given to  the scroll of the Isaiah he open it to read  and he said, the spirit of the lord is upon me, he said  for he hath anointed me  to preach glad tidings to the meek  he has sent me to bind up the  broken hearted to set the captive free etc…. when he read it he said, this day  is this scripture fulfill in your eyes. That means the one which this one was written for has come.


One day you will open  a scripture and you read it and find out  that no one has fulfilled it before. That scripture I still there as a code waiting for you. You now begin to trace your background and find out that  it fits the description of the one they said it will fulfill this .


The only thing is that we come from a context that be little ourselves we just believe once its not a white  man somewhere or someone who had died  it cant be me fulfilling this. That’s why Nathaniel say “ can any good come out of Nazareth, talk about the rest but can anything God come out of Nazareth. the bible is for you stay with it and see the truth.



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