Set Our Heart On Fire For You Lord

John Wesley was chased out of the city because he was preaching the message of the cross,
And having no where to go but as the son of the soil, there is a portion no one can deny him and that’s his father’s grave.
After going out of the city for miles coming to his father’s grave, he stood on it as a legitimate ground which no one can question him, and thausands of people followed him outside the city to meet him (at his father grave).
They thought sending him out of the city will bring his ministry to an end but they never knew that what attract men to John was beyond his voice.
When he was asked what was the secret? he said
“I set myself on fire and people come from miles to watch me burn”
Sir/ma if you want to make impact set yourself on fire for God and I tell you nations will come to see you burn.
In the days of John the Baptist people left the city they left the temple and went after a man that set himself on fire and indeed when they come, they saw him burning,
People brought sick people near and far and lay them on the floor so that Peter’s shadow
shadow o, could heal them and they were healed. he has set himself and even his shadow was on fire for God,
People follow Jesus to mountains, sea, desert, to listen to to him speak and heal them, do you know why? he set himself on fire.
By what means could Philip entered a town and people stop worshiping the gods of their fathers and believe in a God a stranger brought, he contact fire and its That fire he set himself ablaze with the whole city came to see him burn.
Your neighbors need to come see you burn
You family needs to see you burn
Your friends need to see you burn.
Your nation needs to see you burn.
You need to retreat and go back to the back of the wilderness and catch something for your generation.
Lives attached to you will keep wasting to hell because they were unable to recognize him that should have attracted them with the burning fire.
Families and friends will keep dying in silence cause they can’t recognize the fire you carry so they can approach and speak to you about their situation.
That prostitute, smoker, will keep crying in chain looking for who to guide him out of the mess they into because you fail to become a burning fire.
If there is anything you can give to your generation is
Set yourself on fire.
John Wesley once said “Give me hundred me who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergy or layman, they alone will will shake the kingdom of hell and set the kingdom of heaven on earth” .
That’s the secret to his life, that’s the secret to set yourself on fire.
Fear sin and desire God than anything.
Jesus I want to burn for you
Is that your heart cry?.
Can we pray.

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