I want to talk to your like father and son about marriage,  not sermons, this is talking  father to children listen to me very carefully


My beloved daughters Don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, he gave him a job, he said this is the garden keep it, so those who come to you and say, sister , Thou says the   lord, you are going to be the star in my firmament, alright sir, before I become a star in your firmament, what is your job? Go and get a job first, man is to  provide for the house not the other way round,  if he has no income he should not marry, those who  would not should not eat and if they cant eat they cant marry.

Let me talk my boys, don’t marry  Delilah, Delilah ca n stop Samson , what does that mean, don’t marry for beauty sake, the bible  is clear proverb 31:30says beauty is vain, favor is deceitful ,….

That beautiful angelic something she is going to grow old every body grows old


Don’t ever marry outside the church , I want to tell you point blank that it is better to be single than to be married to the devil, don’t ever think that you can marry somebody  and then changed the fellow. If the follow does not change  before you marry is a separate matter, ahhhha no problem I am standing on the rock of ages . that brother that sister I know she is still in the marine clear of sin, i will pull  him up, he will pull you down. Because you see that brother he is tall  handsome, rich, and you jump for him, Goliath was tall, he lost his head, king soul was lanky he  lost his crown.


Don’t marry a fool,  hi s worth is of no account  f he is not a true child of God, don’t be associated with them, the word of God is clear, do not  be equally yoke with unbelievers, and if somebody  pretends that he is a Christian and is following you to the church because he is thinking he will get you all you nned to do is to watch, the bible says by their fruit  we shall know them not by their talk, when a brother comes to you and say he has never seen  anybody like you, when I saw you I think the sun is shining , ahh ask him do you believe in holiness? If he says no  if he says  no human being can be perfect, that we are all flesh, only God is perfect, the moment you hear that run, don’t be childish.


You cannot be like everybody else and be an example an example  is always  solve different from others , that others will copy, not someday who copy’s others  and the parent of Samson old him, are there not women of your won people? For you to go outside this home, to go and being devil from somewhere else? When you are crazy

Don’t marry a girl simply because she can sing, singing is wonderful God loves worshipers, but the devil use to be the choir master in heaven, but in some choirs there are some fallen angels they can  sing like nobody business  but they are equally yoke to the  devil.


Who should I marry then daddy, marry a prayer warrior. There are those that I have advised before who say it is not by advise , now they come to me and say “you warned us” .

Don’t marry a girl who is lazy, you pay her family a surprise visit and you see the way she is, if she is lazy when she is a girl, how is she going  cope when she now have children.


Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook, you want to eat food in your own house a girl  who cannot cook will not be a good wife……


Don’t marry a girl who is worldly, a girl who will not dress right, a  girl who is always after jewelries, if you do   you have gotten something you will worship for the rest of your life, Colossian 3:1-3…am believing God that when you marry, you will marry the right person

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