In every season and time, there is a required preparation that one must put in order to see some certain result hence a man will keep living in circles.

Because Jesus want to do a 3 and half years ministry, he took 30 Years to prepare for it, in the days of his manifestation, his voice echoes as of thunder, such that till eternity, his relevance will always be felt among men and also in zion.

He took 30 years to learn the acts of prayer, that’s why when he shows us, prayer was a lifestyle not something he is trying to learn.

He has already master the act of seeking the face of God in the all he does.

That acts usher him into the court of heaven that warrant him to even say, I do the things I see father does, he was able to pray such that prayer has eaten him up to a point that the things that are in the heart of the father, Jesus express them as in a director and actor.

Jesus eats the words in order to understand the heart of the father regarding himself and his calling, that’s why when he started his ministerial work, it was written that he goes to church as was his custom, he reads the law as was his custom that’s why he could boldly quote the book of Isaiah that speaks of him.

If we must birth forth the kingdom life then men must learn to create fraternity with the holy spirit to understand the heart of God regarding every matter that governs their stay here on earth that they may become a conduit pipe through which the realities of God finds expression.

If must conquer cosmos and institute an order other than that of zion then we must go back and stay, stay with him to guide and direct us in all we do.

We must stay and learn the ways of prayer to understand the heart beat of God per time per season, we must go back into his Word that we may know the things that patterns to our function here on earth.

Victories are not won on the ground of assumptions but on the basis of adequate knowledge and truth gather overtime.

If must sustain the heritage of God that have been passed across from generations into generations then we just adopt the ancient mode to be able to preserve and secure the truth that are capture in this path we are in.

We must go back into the back of the cave and get the blueprint of our life to begin to live them, of not we may loose a whole generation due to the fact that we have nothing to offer that will make them understand God via us.

The men that God uses are them that knows how to go into him and stay until they understand his ways and able to consistently come into synchronization with his will and purpose.

Can we pray?

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