Every striking success begins with access to his word. They have toiled all night and they have caught nothing, and then suddenly came the word cast your net to the right side and when they had this done they enclosed great  multitude of fishes… what the word does to turn your story around is to tell you where to  cast your night, what to invest in, which steps to take, which turn to make. What the word does is to show you what you must do to turn your stagnation to success, to turn your stagnation to outstanding success. The bible is the greatest Book of success, it values are transgenerational, it impact never wanes, he said by that book you make your ways prosperous and have good success.


Please know that everybody result you see in the kingdom is a product of  personal responsibility . some could live with failure all their lives, what you do with what you are hearing now is the only way to have your story changed .


Stop explaining away your failure, you are not  only one in this country . so what you hear is one thing , what you do with what you hear is another .

What you hear does not add any value to you, what you do with it is what add value to you, he said be you doers of the word and not hearer only, receiving your own self. James 1:22.


So when you are doing noting with what you her, it is equivalent to self deception, it is what you do with it that determines your outcome. What you do with what  you  hear determines your outcome, it says , it is foolishness just writing it down and doing nothing with it, whosoever hears army word and doeth them , same I will liken him unto a wise man. It is what we do with the word that add value to us.


Every day is Gods day, the day you step out is your day, you must sleep with that problem, you must deal with it. There is always what to do to get what you want and until you do what you should do you cant get it. That’s God speaking to someone

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