Only the word of God can give you audacity in this wicked world that we live in are you listening? It takes only the word of God, you can take  a job today and somebody gets up and for no reason decide to dislike you, reasons you cannot explain, now you thought its all about getting a job and you hear that the person now goes to native doctor, you say why he says I just hate you, welcome to the world  of wicked people.

That’s why the bible  say he t hat cometh from above is above all it says rule thou in the mist of thy enemy. The deposit of God word makes  you a man of faith and a woman of faith, where you  can  hold on to the word of God and say lord I trust you, I live by your ways.

I struggle with tithing for years until God  gave me revelation I was still preaching  it but I wasn’t consistent because sometimes   I didn’t make sense to me why God will require 10% , sometimes I eat it and I say lord I promise you when the next one comes I will  give it to you, I will make up. But I came to a point that I cried and say God  am doing this thing religiously, anything  you do religiously  it will not bless you because you will not do it out of  understanding and when there is no understanding there is no light there is no performance , and God brought  me to a point where I saw the disaster I was doing to myself and then I repented once and for all. Today Gods tells empty your account , you  see how my teeth is open? That’s how I will run and packed everything and give. You don’t know who God is that’s why, if you know that I am a billionaire and I say Bamishe  I want to bless you tomorrow  but I want to see an empty.. before I finish saying account  you will run to the bank and say cashier withdraw everything…

How comes we doubt God when God say I want to bless you when God says its possible for you to live in good health, I share  it here if not because of the word of God for our health, we would have broken down, there Is no koinonia week I saw me or any of the minister comes on ground of health challenges  we are not pretending this things , you cant pretend in the presence of God, if the word is not working one day it will show, you cant pretend it.

I travel and I come back when we use to have Sunday meeting you remember? Then we are not flying  it on the road, sometimes you come back  in the night and you stand on for hours, ask my brothers there are times that for three  days in a stretch I really not slept , never for once  come and meet  lying down and shivering. The bible say if that spirit that resurrected Christ from the death  lives  in my mortal body, that same spirit ..

I used to be oppressed  by demons , I have shared  my story, when I was in hundred level  I used to be oppressed by the devil, they will enter my room, it was a  disaster, I didn’t want the night to come, one day I got angry and stay with God word, you need  to take some things seriously. When you are just massaging problem and say okay let  see how we will figure it, it not done like that, the bible  says woe to them who are ease in Zion, it takes  dissatisfaction to change your life.

I went  to the court, then it was the long tennis court i prayed  and while I praying God sent a light to my spirit, God is my witness I ran  to the hotel and I stood in front of my room and say that spirit that comes, you are invited this night I am specially inviting you, you see light gives you audacity. From that day till today, if am willing to sleep it doest take me 5 minute and am gone, no sleeplessness , no no because I exhausted  myself to a point that God gives me rest .

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