We don’t rule by fighting men, we rule by fighting spirit, so when Daniel  pears the canopy of Babylon, it says the king thought to make him king,  president over the realm, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, we wrestle against  principalities and powers, ruler of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.


Principalities capture territories , power enslave men that are in that territory  the rulers of darkness provides law that  enslave men in perpetual enslaving and wickedness in heavenly places  afflict  men with the character of those spirit. … the word principalities is an ancient English “breed without a territory, so when he comes to a territory, he goes to the people that  authority there  and he begins to bargain with them, I will make this if you do this, so what they do when they enter a territory is they raise their own people, so they begin to look for prophets.


The gifts is from God, the devil can’t give  gift. So when they come and they discover that in this territory there is somebody who can see into the spirit realm, they  now reveal themselves to the person, they now begin to bargain with the person because the person has a gift from God to see into the spirit realm, so principalities survey the land and find the gifted ones and when they find them they bargain with them and make them witches, sorcerers and  …. And they enter into covenant with them and those ones becomes the mouth piece of the people, because the people have the right over the territory, so the mouth piece  negotiate with the people and they submit their will  for something  and the principalities have secure that territory , the moment it does, it now introduces power, and the power brings fear, the power introduces sickness, the power introduces intimidation, the power introduces lust so even when the people say we don’t want anymore, they can’t because the principality has taken legal right over that jurisdiction so he now brings  power and in order to secure them beyond  the people the people that makes the covenant, he brings the rulers of darkness, because if we make covenant, by the time all of us die, our children will come, by what means will they continue with the covenant? that’s what the ruler comes to do, they  now say at the end of every month go and do this so those law now create patterns and those patterns now implicate Generation upon generation and then spiritual wickedness is the one that brings the nature of the spirit, so the nature of the of the spirit may be dead, it may be sickness, it mat lust because every spirit wants to give expression to his nature that is ministry but  in darkness.


So you see this people they are called wickedness, its is called ministry but they are giving expression  to a nature of a spirit on that wise he now send apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastors and teachers for the  equipping of the saint, first to declare rebellion against those spirit and to give the wisdom that   is required to  walk again  protocol that the spirit have put in motion, so they will walk in liberty.


And suddenly  a generation of course people become a generation of blessed people because he sent me that taught them  the ways of God, that was  what happen to Israel in Egypt, they were in captivating  for 430 years and a prophet came, and the first thing he did was to  fight the gods of  Egypt, in exodus 4:12, it said  tonight I will pass through Egypt and I will judge the gods of Egypt , the  moment the gods of Egypt were judge, pharaoh let them go and when they left, Moses now began to teach them laws, ordinances,  status, precept,  because if they don’t come back and walk in the ways of God even though they have left Egypt , they will carry Egypt in their heart, and if they carry Egypt in there heart, they keep giving expression to the gods of  Egypt so they will not become servant of God so what God  desire is a royal priesthood , God’s own special people, giving expression to the excellence of God, so Moses have to teach them and they didn’t , so the generation that left Egypt non of them entered the promise land if they enter the premise land, they will still be servant of the gods of Egypt …..

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