We humans are creatures of prayer. We are design to be in a perpetual interaction with God cause that’s where our true essence can be drive and only by prayer can we then understand and enforce the will of God in our jurisdiction or sphere he has placed us.

A man that understands the path way of prayer, such man is the one that is able to will his sphere unto God.

One of the ways heaven recognizes that one is a man is that he prays (luke 18:1). One of the ways through which a man can journey into God is by the agency of prayer.

A man that prays is a mechanism in the hand of God to perfect purpose for humanity.

The patriarch have reveal to us that men make themselves names with God on the strength of prayer, that was what John the baptize understood and that understanding drove him into the wilderness to engage in this ancient secret that he may be able to host God in a certain level that his generation will literally see him.

His life have become a report unto his generations that a man that stays with God, a man that journey into God and grasp truth such a man can point his generation unto God.

in the days of his showing forth, people travel from far and near to hear him speak, there is an energy level that John the baptist was speaking from and the people  in his day could not resist the power that accompany the things he says. them that are know to criticize and condemn any prophet that raises in Israel became the listeners of john.

The next time God asked you to pray, it’s a call that you journey with him that he may reveal to you some truth that can only be access in him.

The next time God placed a demand on you to pray, it’s not a system to punish you, nooo

It’s an invitation that you may dive deeper In God to understand and come into an experience  in him.

Sister the next time the lord dropped a burden on you to stay with him, it is not enough that you you know, it’s a beckoning that you tarry in his presence to grasp the things he has in store. For you.

It’s be in our take that the ways of God will be know to men through our lives.

Holy spirit teach us to stay in your presence until you make us strong.

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