There are so many ways the devils destroy us. I was preparing to go and take my bath, the lord shows me a vision that is very interesting and I said I will share it with us,  You know how women put towel when they are going to bath, just  at the chest level , I saw chains on people just like that, likes hands were lifted  they couldn’t  come down because of the chains and that’s how the people were moving , they couldn’t do any thing much, I thought may be God want me to minister to people and the lord said, am still adding to your message that’s how offence is in the spirit they cannot move they cannot do anything, there hands are tired, there hands are bound.


A woman could not kill john the  Baptist but offence killed him, I hope you know it was offence that killed him. He was angry locked up in the prison, the man who commission Jesus to ministry now sends a few disciples,  go and asked this guy, are you the messiah?  you see offence makes you stupid. Are you the messiah or should we expect another? look at how Jesus overcame that offence, Jesus said really, tell John am coming let me show him that the fact he baptized me  does mean am an idiot, don’t ever talk to me like that, am the son of the  living God,No Jesus politely and gentling prayed and notice that Jesus said, blessed is he who is not offended.


Let me show you how the devil takes away destiny helpers from you. People whom you have been friends for ten years, the eleven years  when the miracle should come, Satan will scheme something , a man of God who had blessed you life so much, the last service, something will happen, you expected him to call you  and prophecy to you and he ignored you, and you said this is it, this man I don’t know if he is born again or what, that ting they are  saying he is using charm am beginning to  reconsider because AH ah  am here am looking at you all the time …………


Offence is the root of bitterness, when a man lives in offence you live I bitterness, you live in unforgiveness, you live in hatred

I have seen pastors who cannot look at themselves eye bal to eye ball, they love God, they fasting they pray but they  cannot look at themselves. Do you know there are husbands and wife  that cannot look at themselves eye ball to eye ball they don’t even stay in the same city. How are you, happy birthday I hear today is your birthday, as if he didn’t marry her, she said yes, how are the children I hope they are fine…… alright bye bye

And they dropped the phone offence, you asked them what happen , they say in 1997 I saw one man with my wife  and that day I said me  you see offence.  Let me tell you something, the moment the devil wants to destroy you, he sends offence, like a guy toasting a lady, if you  say yes to that offence you are in trouble, the strength of Satan  is offence, I we together, every time the devil plot witch craft, he uses offence like the battery that activate  the bomb. You finish praying and the answers are about to come, is exactly  when you finished praying somebody bath with your water, you say ahhhh who am I going to kill today, my hands are shaking somebody should  hold me, call police, offence. Have you not notice that  it is exactly when miracle is coming that offence  comes, your husband who have been a nice man all of a sudden now tells you now look, I just want you to know we are selling this house for  the church, am sorry I didn’t tell you, it was so hot in my spirit we are parking out by tonight, and you are saying what is in the world is going on here offence. Refuse to pick offence with men.


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