The reason some people don’t have the intervention of God over their  lives is  because the arrow of terror  have  emasculated them and they are  in captivity, and am  not just talking about ministry , even in business, you try one two business  and it crumbles and the nest morning that comes  instead of investing, they will shoot fear and say I will save it in the bank…….

That’s why wise men say, only those who take risk are qualify to succeed, and they say men who win continue from where quitters quit, because they have resolve that they will not let fear intimidate them. What did the apostle  do when Jesus called them a young church?…..the sahindren called them…  and flog them, how do you flog married men, to show you  they way they treated them like babes and children who have value in the society , imagine people are preaching boldly and they say come here, lay down there and they flog them when they flog them they now say, don’t ever preach in the name of that man.

The people came back and they were afraid  and says the first thing they did was to call their company, because not all of them were flog, there was somebody else that was not flogged so  his confidence was not depleted  and when I start teaching you how to deal with pain, I will tell you the intelligence of networking, and as they spoke to their friends, all of these people who were afraid, one now said o God why was I not  there to be beaten with them? They guy that was now beaten, now say, oboi wait o, is it that am honored to be beaten? the other one said Jesus why didn’t you count worthy of suffering reproach? After a while as they mingle with them, energy was transfer, that why he say, how beautiful  and pleasant  it is for brethren to dwell together in harmony, is like the oil from the head of Aaron down to his bears…..

Can I tell you the importance of networking? As we begin to ascend something happens, is beyond this fellowship, we are praying we are talking together, when we ascend in the spirit you will be surprise that there is a realm we will enter and we will collide with the mantle of Apostle Paul and all of a sudden  everybody will start having different revelation.

There is a  a place we will enter in the spirit, you will collide with the very  person of Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa because they didn’t die, the bible says, they are spirit  of just men made perfect, we are in zion those in heaven are also in Zion but their different location in Zion. The intelligence of  networking  is that when you begin to ascend, a point will come that  you will meet a man that did a job you are doing now and you begin to draw form his energy, you begin to draw from his wisdom, that why the bible says  as his  prayed the fashion of his countenance was alter….


We are not alone, but what is the quality of your network?. The guys return to their own company, some of our company are not on earth, they are in Zion so when you are  intimidated enter your room and begin to pray and after a while … you open your eye, then you look at Enoch and Enoch  tell you what he did in his days and when you return to your day with a wisdom of 2000 years ago……


That’s what  men do, there are scrolls in the spirit , there are dimension in the heaves  there are entities in Zion  but how high can you travel? We are not disadvantaged its too much in our favor.


John was cast to the  isle call Patmos to die  but in  Patmos he says I was in the spirit on the lords day I heard a sound as of a trumpet  and as I turn , a door appear in heaven and say come up hither and when he enter heaven  he say a man  that was like an angel, he wanted to  worship him he says worship him not, I am one of your brethren….. How can a man in the valley of death be writing letters to the churches?

Because he has meet thrones and dimension, it was there one of the angels came and meet him and say weep not, weep not, beholds the lion of the tribe of Judah reigns. You are not alone, refuse to be intimidated  when fears comes  ascend the mountains of God.

I was teaching  in Kaduna last weekend, I was tired the moment I carry the mic my voice went, all of a sudden, john the Baptist entered the building and I  told  the people, John has entered  and instantly even me my energy changed and all of us began to cry AHHHH

Do you  know what the apostle went through, the bible says peter  was put in the midst of 16 soldiers  if you keep quite you are dead, Paul and silace, they were beaten and kept in chain, but when mid night  came, it says Paul and silace they pray and the prisoners  heard them and suddenly networking began, an angel came from heaven and when the angel landed on the building  he said the foundation of the building shock and every door pen on their own accord. The man that arrested him brought his family in the midnight and say please save us. If you can network, your captors can become your captive

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