Spiritual patterns. There is a pattern for genuine salvation, you don’t get save the way you subscribed, and there is a pattern, for instance Romans 10:8-10…….


The spiritual quality control system that guarantees that what comes out of has a signature of God. There is a pattern for spiritual growth. We don’t grow anyhow in this kingdom……


You can know you are growing not just because you stayed long in church, not just because you have appointment in Church. You ca know you are growing if only when you subscribed to the spiritual pattern. According to scripture the pattern that is made for growth is called DOCTRINE. If you are not receiving the administration of doctrine, the possibility of growth is not there. Doctrine is the course curriculum that builds a believer to maturity. There is a pattern for church growth, I ministry does not just grow, there is a pattern that makes it happen…..a business does not just grow……..the more you hide behind the vail and allow Jesus to be lifted up, he will draw men to himself. There is a pattern for wealth, it takes more than desire it takes more than investment, to be trans generationally blessed, there is a spiritual pattern.. there is a pattern for the anointing….you don’t walk Into the throne room because Jesus is there… there are patterns, you never find angels roaming about the throne room because it…. No no, there is a pattern. The construction of heaven was made with a pattern, the name of the twelve’s apostle being the foundation, there is a way the anointing is administered.


There is pattern for favor with God and with men….respectful speaking we taught that favor just happen, no sir, there is an intentionally formula. For many years we kept calling break thought favor, if it happens once, it not favor. Proverb says Good understanding giveth favor that’s the mother. ……


You can only succeed in this kingdom to the degree to which according to pattern please pay attention.


I can trust my tomorrow not just because am the one living it out, but because the pattern I know am following. If you are not following divine patterns then you are in trouble, even if it looks like success, at an instance it will change…

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