How men can contact the realm of the spirit …..

An altar Is a system of authorization,  I want to share with you a few things about altars .

An altar is not just a monument , it is a system of  authorization. An altar is  a platform where the realm of the  spirit makes  contact with the physical realm on legal grounds……  a spirit or an entity cannot enter another  territory without the configuration  to suit that  territory. For instance, a spirit  should not be  I the earth without a body that’s against the law of the territory ,  if you must function on the earth realm , then you must have a body, so every spirit including God is at the mercy of a body or an Altar to find  expression in a territory.

An altar is where covenant are activated and maintained. A covenant cannot work without  an altar, it is altar that gives covenant life. An altar is like a battery that powers this Gadget for instance . the potential of this gadget is only seen when you slut in the battery , that’s what an altar is, it gives life to a covenant.

Altar can be physical monument (like in the old testament) , institution ( like physical temple in Jerusalem that was  build by Solomon  ) , and can be people.


The most accurate measure of the health of your spiritual life is your prayer life.  Not bible study, no sir, ………… no matter  else is working in your life, if your prayer life  is dead, then you are not spiritual. Are we together.  Any one can preach, anyone can teach, but not everyone can pray, never forget this , very easy to preach,  very easy to preach but it’s a sacrifice to pray. …… God is so meticulous about the mystery of altars that he rules the world sitting on an altar. ….. That throne you see is an altar, is what makes him the ancient of days…….

Anyone who will work in true dominion must function from a standpoint of an altar.



Is impossible to be a man of prayer and ignore the word, but its possible to be a man of the word and ignore prayer. When the  devil wants to deceive you, he makes you feel you have an option  to choose between prayer and the word, and he indoctrinate you and takes advantage of your passion for knowledge and  keeps you to be cold and dry and lukewarm, no power, no efficiency .

Any ministry that does not state as a prayer ministry will not last, the ministry of Jesus started as a prayer ministry…..

In James 5:16……..the effectual prayer of a righteous man avail much……..

One a practical way of erecting an altar is consistency within a region, that atmosphere is spiritually acclimatize the moment you practice something consistently you attract the spirit behind that thing to come and see what is happening, so if I kill people in a particular region, I don’t need to invite a spirit, already I have created a portal  for that spirit to come.

Consistency can open up a portal…..consistency attract the realm of the spirit.  Ask the other religion how they attract spirit, enchantment, the same word repeated over a long period of time…


I like you to say lord open my eyes.


Not all altar were consciously build, but they are still altars.  So when I say altars that are destroying you , it does  mean you have to go to the village and question your uncle and say if you don’t tell us what you did we will kill you,  No he might be innocent , this where is where the  prophetic ministry must be guided, because anytime we talk of altars  the think it must be traceable to an experience No, the mystery that you do consistently are building altars, and they eventually  becomes an invitation for spirit, whether the spirit of God  or any kind of demons spirit. Have you heard an experience , I didn’t say you should do it,  but you have seen it in ministry, where somebody can come  no church service, just enter the church and come and lay down on the altar, and rolled, maybe for a child and go back and have triplet, because the power and the presence of  God had found  expression on the ground for a long time, where service is at work of not that portal remains open, all that it takes its your faith. Samuel was an altar, he didn’t have an alter, her was an altar, you  never come near Samuel  and go back the same,  noo, a young man came before Samuel and prophecy from morning till night, that’s an altar.

The beauty of prayer is not just for you to be talking for the rest of your life, but that you get to a state of consistency where even in your silence, you have become an altar, spiritual activities can begin to happening around you……

Why is prayer important?, where do we have to build an altar of prayer?

Three reasons very quickly.

Prayer is one of Gods authorized system of communion and fellowship with him. The bible is very clear that the communion of the spirit  the fellowship of the spirit must be at work in the life o anyone that wants to do business with God. Luke 6:12……. Jesus was not only praying prayer requires. He went to spent time all night communing…… prayer is how power is transferred to men. Is your spiritual system of intimacy, intercourse. Till today how Jesus advocate for believers in heaven is through prayer, the bible says he maketh intercession for the saint. Why would you intercede when you are already sited in the right hand of the father, it’s a system of communication if you are not a man of prayer, a woman of prayer  you can be sure that the reality of communion of the holy will not be real. A not talking of cooperate  prayer… you must have the secret place, that’s where he tells you things he cannot tell another  person. The reason why you don’t hear God is because you are not use to voice in the secret place, he has not train you to hear him, so you hear everything and you call it Him.

Assumption is very costly in the school of the spirit; you must verify that there is a contact between you and God. There are pastors that don’t pray, so they get angry. They think the manifestation of the power of God is magic. There are things impartations  will not give you, you must dig your well by yourself. You must  create an altar, a system, you must gain mastery in the spirit realm.

I will never trade anything for my time with him,

See let me tell you, holding a mic and teaching is not difficult but communicating life, that one is a derivatives of your altars.



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