More Than Azusa Street Revival

In 1904 there was a massive move of God that starts from WALES,
That move was call WALES REVIVAL.
That mighty move of God usher in more than 100,000 souls to the kingdom.
After just few years another move was welcome, with ability to connect one to the portals of the great divine, it was tag AZUSA STREET REVIVAL
William J. Seymour Anchored that move, kaii.
That revival serves as a rocket launcher that propel the gospel to where it is now.
That REVIVAL BIRTH forth countless God’s general we hear and follow today..
There is a move of God that is about to hit the land scale, it is the REVIVAL that will not be anchored by one man but by sons of God.
In this coming revival every son will stand in there rightful position and non will break ranks.
This coming revival is not meant for one man to usher in the move but for every dedicated sons will be give spheres to bring back to God.
When I hear AZUSA my heart shift, kai I knew God will not leave a generation or dispensation without a witness. But this coming revival am talking about, it’s greater that of Azusa.
This REVIVAL that is brooding and have begin to hatch is coming mightly such that
Market women will be selling bread and preaching to there buyers
Okada man, taxi driver, employed driver will be driving and telling who so ever they picked about Christ.
A boy of 15 will walk to the congregation of Muslims and tell them of Christ not minding if he is kill
I know what am saying, God had eaten him up.
In this coming REVIVAL we will gather as believer not because of anything but because we want to charge our spiritual battery with fellow believer so as to launch the next week.
Women will not only be known for cooking  they will become strange beings (haha) yes they will be turned to another women, where they can be on there kneels for days praying for generals in the battle field
Please tell anyone who is planning to start a beer (brewery) company that, if he does not want to run into debt let him find a better business to invest into because we have convert all drunkard to intercessor  they are in the prayer room aligning the heavenly pattern for armies in the battle field.
Brotel will become where men who might have escape the touch of a general on the field will repent why? Because it’s no longer called Brotel, rather Bro- repent.
To you reading this, when I speak of General, armies am not talking about someone, it’s you am talking about, so long you are a believer, you are the one am talking about.
Your making starts now,
The parade ground is your prayer room,
The commander is JESUS CHRIST ,
The training officer is the HOLY SPIRIT
The rules of your making are stated in THE HOLY BIBLE
PLEASE let it not be heard when this REVIVAL is fully come instead of you wining souls but opposite becomes the story.
DEBORAH of my time arise
Where are the burden bearer
Where are the miracle workers
Where are the disciples of my time,
Never you run out of the making, the battle line is about drawn, we are counting few seconds to be launch into this outpouring, gird you loins we are about to take up.

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