When I started out with God, because of the dramatic nature of my call and the way  God stared out with me, we didn’t pay attention  to other things, other administration, excellence, finance  no no, it was the holy ghost, in fact it was purpose. I started out with purpose thoroughly understood purpose. Dr. Myles Munroe, how  that you serve your generation with the gift God had given you, in your gift is your prosperity, in your gift is you relevance, in your gift is you fulfillment. I learnt that from him. Then  came this series of encounters with the holy Ghost, I did not leave this issue of  purpose, but I just  felt that it’s a well I can never exhaust, what is this new dimension vision , encounters, angels, revelation of scripture, but then I remembers I was so much in it had God left  me that way I will be suffering today, because I will stay there , the way I was  so into this things, am not sure that I had interest to look into other aspect.


I didn’t believe based on my encounter that there is need to study other aspect because  it look real , once you have it you have everything, I was right but I was right but I was wrong. It was the Holy Ghost himself that gave vision was this   2007 I had an encounter. And then he open me up to other dimension and say , in as much as   the richness of my encounters are there, there are other s, the systemic nature , the human body, if you study only the digestive system , there are  other system and are very important to make the organism work. And then I painfully began to open up to other aspect, I felt guilty, especially the aspect of finance , felt carnal, I felt unserious, what is all this thing now, I just felt I need the fellowship of his presence where his presence will come and cover where, what is the need for all this pointless  things. And then to make matters worse, the books I bought  on finance I thought  they will just tell me the business they are doing to prosper, straight to the point , there are talking  of mindset, I said you people are evil. I didn’t know success is what you don’t pursuit , is what you attract by who you become. They were teaching how to become but I was rejecting it.


But thank God for the Holy Ghost, they Holy Ghost stayed there.


God is delivering someone today

Do you know how to pray? yes sir, do you know  fasting? yes sir, what else? Nothing else’s. Ahhh, you must contend with speed with the Holy Ghost to learn this other aspect. What else’s  was Jesus teaching them, they had lecture every day, and yet when he resurrected he said, am not done with you, even  though Jesus was the lecturer he knew there are other things they have not learnt  so you carry that lock sided knowledge and start a ministry, because of miracle, and prophecy and fire is falling , everyone is coming  oo there is a new man of God in town, you see everything new people likes it, whether  they don’t believe it, they just come to watch, what is going on here, you think  they are coming  means they a re going to stay, they will just come and look around, and you are happy that everything is going on well.. ahhhh and then the moment the ministry starts increasing, now the  question of leaders begins, you go back to your cafés, you where not there when the  holy ghost was teaching on leaders, now you are confused you don’t know what to do, what kind of administration, you ignored, it, you laugh at those that carry that grace.

The lecture you ignore is know telling on you, you didn’t balance ministry  and raising children and after five month of ministry, you didn’t see your children, your family is  dying down  while you are preaching, because this other aspect  you were not taught., now phychophant are beginning to come to the ministry you were taught discernment of spirit , attacks begins to come  on account of the mantle and grace you carry, if you Elijah expect Jezebel.

Then you did not learn how anointed people sustain their fire, you only learnt how they  get, you didn’t learn how it’s to be  maintain , you were focus on how it comes…..

Learn to balance every aspect of your life.

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