The law of focus. Jesus said if your eye  is single  your whole body will be full of light. …….. there are too many here and there people, they do  everything that comes per say, they are  always following the vogue of each day, this is what they preaching now let come back to it, this is the hot cake in town let come back to it., lack of  ficus can make you loose your ministry, the more focus you are the more fruitful your ministry becomes, Higin was  running his all faith crusade, a week to the time he past, he stayed  to his  assignment perpetually, Belly graham  has stayed on the message of salvation since the beginning  he has  not drifted one inch from it, there  is vogue of the healing ministry, he didn’t join them, there is  a vogue of church growth ministry, he didn’t join them, he has remain  focus on his own assignment and what a joy today, he is lifted among the  six people that change  the last century, for staying  on a simple massage, the simplex message  in this world. You may never be able to touch any revelation on that message  that’s the one he was given and he stayed with it, he has been saying the same thing everywhere, okay now is time, come on now, don’t waste  your time Jesus is waiting  for you…..

You know  when Jesus came for his earthly ministry he was meeting the literal need of people and they wanted to make him king  john 6:16 …… he fled that’s not where he belong. He stayed through to his mission till the last day. There are minister here whoa re running around government houses that my finish you  ministry in no time. This Was Jesus said, for to this end was I born and for this I course cam i to this world, that I mat bear witness unto the truth, he stayed with  one reason for which he came, would you stay with one reason for which you are here, that will make all the difference

Every right thinking person crave for success no one  hates to be outstanding in his endeavor, everyone  whether said or unsaid desire to be star, that is why it is important to recognize the source of the realization of all of our inspiration, we must come to realize the very true source of all aspiration o life every child of God  is ordained for an  unending progress because the path of the just man is like a shining like that  shines more and more until the perfect day. So for every child of God, you only stop where  you want to stop. In Gods own agenda, there is no end to your making progress life proverb 4:18. This progress is empowered by revelation, so the source of our  unending progress is catch  in the revelation of the word  and walking in the light as a lifestyle, then you start going from glory to glory. Doing what he said is a key to an unending progress. You can  be a pastor and still be a failure, it is walking in the light of this book that guarantee continue progress, continue success and growing , impactful success this is  following the detects of the sprit. You cant earn a honorable life living a dishonorable life, for instance you want to have peaceful home, you better understand. Husband love you wife as Christ loved the church simple. That is you are recording errors and false, you don’t   have dairy for that .  and  said submit yourself to your own husband in everything, so do  marry anybody who you can’t  submit to.

It’s all about you aligning with scripture no matter how unpopular or uncivilized it may be. Please allow this book to rule your life but hear this

The price tag on every accomplishment is commitment. Every task is a seed but until the seed is committed to the heart, it will never be fruitful. So there must be a deliberate commitment  to your God Chosen  vision, we need to be vision driven time fly  please, please your future  is in his plan don’t scuttle Gods plan, you may regret it for life.

I was invited 1987 with a letter “anytime you are i the US consider yourself a guest of the white house, what house? That’s why my house is painted white, so please don’t allow opportunities scuttle you destiny. There is a future in God’s plan for you settle with it.



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