In the school of success  access to detail is a guarantee for you distinction, you don’t make good make good marks just because you have facts, it requires adequate facts to make good marks, every one that fail exam have some fact but didn’t have enough fact, when I see people day we have done everything and yet is not working I said you have done most thing but have done all things, when you do all that is  required, it must deliver, it must produce.


According to God’s word, we are where we are because we doesn’t know better. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. One  Peugeot automobile   company management staff was talking to me many years  ago and he said a Peugeot car is made up of 3000 parts now  ordinary contact set can get your car grounded, ordinary spark plug can get you brand new car grounded. So those who don’t mind details ends up as victims of frustration, its not just  fuel and engine oil that keeps the car in motion  ordinary battery head can get you grounded.


I believe the cheapest way to learn at the feat at the  of Jesus is to constantly enquiring what you lack, stop celebrating what you know. If you know enough, you will be free long ago. In the school of revelation question is a master key, what must I do lord?.


In the school of success light is your password, when you have access to light, and what is light, the entrance of thy word giveth  light and it giveth understanding unto the simple. A young man came to tow to me in my former office in town. Himself and his wife. And this man was in tears, I have said this humorously many times when a woman is in tears  there may be no much problem, but when a  man Is in tears  something serious must be happening. Because women are far more emotional.

He was crying and I said what happen?

He said anything that he touch doest work, that Satan have been after him, I smiled you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I share with him how powerless the Satan is when you walk in the reality of you   redemptive right  and after that, I gave him two books to read. Satan get lost and overcome the force of wickedness and I see me I  a week time. When he came to see me in a week time, the same man who came to see me weeping came with a laughter, smiles all over time., he said he read the book but you look partial in the book, you don’t seems to believe Satan has any power, the thing had entered him, he has come to discover that he is not in the same plain with the devil, he is  sited in high place with Jesus Christ, far above principalities and powers. It has done on him that he was the one who have been allowing the devil to buffet him. You have power over all their powers so they can’t do you anything. Now with that light he was up.

Darkness only arises when the intensity of that light is  not adequate. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they knew not the time of their visitation many people are testing God instead of trusting him, those who test God are never free from trials it is those who trust him that are entitle to triumph. Thou shall not test the lord you God. Stoop tempting God. That won’t get you to where you are going, it will make the journey to continually longer.


At the root of true success that factor call trust

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