I found out that when you use the grace of God upon your life it grows,  now anything that stops from preaching  is stopping your trading . anything that stops you from doing what your God told you to do even if its your job, you have to resign so that you can trade, because that’s the only  way the grace multiply.

The last healing meeting I went for, I did in Lagos… recently the healing flames, is on the rise and then in that meeting  in that meeting we now saw people whose leg is not of same size, we saw their legs grows out, I have started seeing creative miracles. I have seen where God gave someone new parts of the vertical cord, I have seen a situation, one guy was shoot with a gun through the ears and the ear drum and all the infrastructure collapse,  and then during the healing service, he began to hear, because God created back the grave has  grown

Somebody came into the last meeting we had, he has been taking  some psychiatric drugs and the thing blooted his  eyes and as I was praying his eye began to see clearly  and he ran and lay down and it  was the mother who came and told us what happen.

In fact the one in Lagos I didn’t pray, because I was sick, I took drugs and it knocks me out and I woke up 5 o’clock which was the time for the program, and I came there when I came, I said okay, can you go and lead prayer for one hour somebody went, I was just trying to build the spirit a little.  I just prayed for about 35 minute and I felt that Vaseline on my head….

Is trading, as you trade, it grows, the grace grows.

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