In Luke 18:1 it says men ought always to pray and not to faint, so if you are a man, one of the things that makes you a man before God is that you are praying, don’t think you are a man because you have ears, because you  have mouth, it says if you are a man then pray, so if God  want to checks men he checks those who are praying.


It says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, so if God want to check who is a man he is checking for a man who is doing business with the word.

One of the signature that you are a man is that you are praying, so if you are not praying, well we thank God for your life.


Men ought to always pray and not to faint.  The reason a pastor in one location for three years and then he is tiny place and he said he is trusting God and he is not expanding, is because he is not praying.  He can preach about prayer but what enlarges his horizon is when he prays, we are not powerful because we preach prayers, we are powerful because we pray. The reason you see that politician, he is there and then he finish just being a counselor and then he just remain there is because he doesn’t know how to fraternize with spirit, there is something you must always do with a spirit to provoke promotion and one of it is prayer.



The reason the business will not enlarge is because he is not praying, somebody just goes and see a native and pours water around your shop and then he creates a boundaries around your shop for 0 years and the guy thinks that’s where his possibilities ends, no I told I us yesterday that your possibilities is as vast as God, because faith can do what God does.



So there is no limitation in the life of any man except the limitation he puts on himself, and the way to put limitation on yourself is not to say,  I am limited, no, its to stop praying, the day you stop praying you have place limitation around yourself…..



The day you stop praying you have put a limitation around your family, you have put a limitation in your ministry, you have put a limitation in your business.

You will find three, four sisters in one house, no body is getting married , why is it so, there is an embargo  and there is no man of God that will raise and say no, I break this embargo all of you get married.


The greatest imitation a man will give to himself I s the one he gives  by his prayerlessness  because the  moment you begin to pray the moment the holy ghost begins to move and  when the holy ghost begins to move any thing is possible.

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