From here to the moon and even beyond, there is no love greater than that of God unto man.
Since the inception of mankind, no love is greater than the one God shows toward humanity in that, while we are yet basking is sin Yaweh took the risk to send the one he loved so much (Jesus) so to redeem us, (Roman 5:8)
he did what he did that man may return back to him.

What a love, a love that is expressed with no condition attached to it. What a love.
A love that bypass the law of of give and take and hing on giving that man may be redeemed one day.

God had to travel beyond the boarders of realities to intermingled with a realm that is not his, only to see that man is redeem.

He light up all showdown just to come after man, there was no walls that he did not climb in order to save man from the impending calamity that awaits him
Because he desire heaves with us, he exchange his dear son for the salvation of the souls of men that one day, men will understand his actions.

Although our sins were great and demands that man face the consequences, but the love he have for man made him to face the shame, he confront the enemy that took man into captivity that man may be free and after the battle man is free.

The quest to set man free demands he publicly hung on a tree naked, he had option to day no, but he said for the sake of make, I will do it.

Redeeming man requires a sacrifice of blood, he said I will give my blood that man may be restored back to me. Kai what a love.

An  overwhelming reckless love of God, o it chases me until am found, I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it still he gave his son for my sake and says to become part of what he did is just to believe, believe.

As we wake up every morning, understand that God’s love  span beyond expression, that sacrifice that was paid to redeem man is costly one and demand no Damm to Receive it but to believe.

To believe in the coming, death and resurrection of Jesus christ, to believe he is the only son of the begotten, that’s what it will take to partake of this great sacrifice Jesus paid to redeem us.

What a love, can we pray brethren?

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