God Is Looking For A Man

God is looking for a man
There are bridges yet to be crossed
Lands that had not been stepped upon
Island yet undiscovered
Sea yet unexplore
Valley yet stepped on
System yet to be conquered for our God.
This is the reason why the quest in heaven for the man who will seek and and understand the heart beat of the father so as to pull men out of darkness is still going on among the mortals by the immortals.
Two things Makes heaven cry
The dying of a sinner and
A Wasting kingdom machinery created to dislodge the kingdom of darkness
If you don’t know anytime your name is mentioned, the devil roars, he runs for safety but when he discovered that you have not built yourself to become the savior you are according to the blue print of heaven he boldly comes out and keep parading, oppressing families, systems, institutions and individuals.
And if you don’t know, the oppression will continue until the day you the deliverer wakes up and walk into your reality in God.
What are you living for? Today am here to tell you that the world awaits you, those you are destined to save to Christ awaits you.
Mama will keep crying for her sick baby unless you raise to be the healer you are,
Thst daddy will still be crying for his daughter and sons who are wasting in the place of party,
If there is anything that sister desire is for her to stop wetting her pillow with tears over her acts of prostitution cause the one that can speak into her ordination to stop those acts is not ready.
That children who are crying for there daddy and mummy to be united back as husband still await your arrival to speak with their parent for reunion.
The one that can make you fit for the task had been waiting for years in the secret place that he may equip you, guide and direct you and he will continue to be wait for you until the day is gone by.
It’s a thing to cry that heaven still search for men and you are here dribbling God (disagreeing to allow him use you).
Please schedule time for God every day to start the building process, to pray, study and hear from him.
I don’t know if am speaking to the right person but if I am,
Can we pray
#Untill My Only Gaze Is Jesus, spirit keep brooding over me, till I look more like you.
Revival Ground

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