Four Requirement to Become Great

You will never find a high flyer in any field who is not a hard worker, because God is not mocked, whatever a man so that also shall he reap, he that sow sparingly shall reap sparingly and he that sow bountifully shall reap bountifully, it is so crucial and so vital.


There is this story of this young man by name James Owen, he was a high school boy in the early 1900 and then he asked his coach, Mr. coach I will like to be a sport star, and the coach look at him and said good let me show you the first step on the leader to becoming a sport is one determination he said two dedication he said three discipline and four sacrifice. This young star picked it up and began to run with it.


By the Berlin Olympic of 1923, this boy became a three goal medalist, his long jump record took 22 years to be broken, by running with those facts. I perceive that was not the only boy that heard it, because the coach would have told the others……. Only that boy ran with it and he became a world renowned athlete. there would always be more workers than there are leaders because  the price of leadership is not cheap, it is  not cheap talk, it is hard work, working  first and foremost on yourself  then working on your task, managing the issues of your life  with outmost efficiency. The good news is, it’s never late to be right, and every situation is changeable.

Every position is alterable if you are willing to pay the price no one will deny you the goods.



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