The revival we have been desiring for is here but among us we have wounded fellows whose emotions, conscience, relationship, dignity, have been battered, molested and they may see no reason to press into God to walk in the reality that is captured in the current move of God.   that’s why the holy told me that today will not only be for prayer, burden, fire, the secret place, but also he said today “tell men I care about them, tell them I am Making everything for there good”

Like Job will say, “I will wait until my change comes

They told you nothing Good would come out of your life, hmm   Nathaniel thought nothing good would come out of Isreal neither did he know that a savour is coming from there, believe the report of the lord not of men, the testimony of men is not sufficient enough to define our essence in God.

To some one your tears have become your comforter, you sock your pillow every night  ayaaa I have been there, never you relent, lift your head above the waters and press some more.  Pray some more your deliverance is on the way, help is on the way, if only you can press some more.

We are living in a time where ones effort seems not to count, I bring you some good news, if only you can press some more, you will see the sun at the end of the tunnel shines once again, a time will come that it’s not about the effort and time to put into to see certain degree of result, rather favour will always speak out for you.

Finance have made you loose self confidence, you have to beg to eat and rechard you phone, you got to call friends to lay food on your table, hear me ahh I bring you good news, weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning, no night last for ever. Keep searching for what to do, you gonna smile once again, keep pressing some more, one day, one day you will pays people’s bills.

If you have no child, don’t panic, kai lord how would I say this for this couple to understand me. Please you are permitted to get worried when God stops sitting on the throne, but so long he is still God rejoice because Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth got something to tell you, God can do it again o yes like Kathryn kulma will always say “I believe in miracle, with God nothing is impossible” let this be your songs.
Just press some more in the place of prayer and study of the word. The God that gives babies, babies producer will respond in an unspeakable way.

O yes.
Dear sir, you have ungo more than 50 interview and had written more than 500 application letter (that’s a rim of A4 paper)  but you got not positive testimony, just press some more, the next interview or application letter you will be attending or writing might be the Last, hear me you are permitted to cry but even if you cry, my brother cry in Joy as apostle Joshua Selman will always say.

To that fellow sister and  brother that life have been giving you scars, please hold tide and press some more cause your Scars are going to be your testimony. Asked the men who meet David at the cave of addulam they Re referred to as men in debt, battered men, life had play football with them anyhow but because they trust God they were later referred to as the mighty men of David, never give up press some more. Pray like never before.

Do I have someone whose prayer and study life is not speaking, I bring you God news, never back up, chose to sleep while praying than not to engage at all, chose to just read the Bible as a story book than not to read because you are not getting ryma, you know, eagles don’t fly instantly, they learn to fly, keep learning the path of the ancient as regard prayer and study of the word, you will hit the right code some other time press. Never stop praying, never stop studying.

As it  is now someone wants to become a friend of the Holy Spirit and relate with him as a real physical friend but as it is now it looks like it’s a mirage . Am here to tell you that if you can just engage him one more time, just once you will see the difference, talk to him even when you Don’t get response. One day your ears will pop open. So keep pressing into him.

You want to stop masturbating because of that you meet many counselor and preacher but your still remain the same, please listen to me, make the holy spirit to be your friend and learn to obey him, in just few days I bet you, you gonna see result, so it’s a call not to remain in that state but to translate to become the man and woman woman God said we are.

If you are about to give up on your academic, please read me, change strategy and press some more eehhhh, If he did it to Daniel, he can do it again.

I want to be real with you today, this life journey is hard but with holy spirit you got all it takes to navigate easily.

Uncle you are addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol, if they want to refer to the bad people in the society you are considered first on the list and that made you feel bad cause you are not even happy with the acts you are into, please listen to me,  you can become a  testament such that your life will become a philosophy upon which many generations will look back and say if uncle……… Overcome I can too, but that won’t happen unless you press some more in the place of prayer and study of the word to breakout of that addiction. There are spirit behind it.

Debt had crippled many to nothing,  lord help us never to settle at that state, trust God for destiny helpers that will elevate you above those financial challenges and debt so you can be who you are called to be.

Everything that makes you cry I tell you the enemy is the one behind it, but the good thing is that God can turn every situation for your good. So keep pressing into God in prayer and study of the word of God.

This one is not share so you can get blessed, no sir / ma  but there is someone who need this to trust and continue in God once more,  but I advice you help share this.

Can we pray?

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