Essence Of Burden

Burden in the heart of a man is like a woman who is pregnant with what it takes to deliver a nation, family and generations.
I want you to take just 2 minute of your time and go through this.
One of the means through which the holy spirit speaks into the heart of men is via burden.
Burden is a system that God had put in place so he can transfer that which is in his heart to us ( his children) so we can partner with him in bringing his mandate as regard what he is laying in out heart.
The most pathetic thing about burden is that, it can be aborted if not properly tend or nurtured.
the beautiful thing about it is that if well nurtured it can grow and likely to rub off on others who come close to the carrier thereby enhancing the labor force that is needed to bring it to pass. (Luke 2:36-38)
There is a huge difference between burden and worry.
Worry leads you to depression, guilt, and complaining while
Burden leads you to the place of prayer.
Burden points you to the fact that what is making your heart heavy is not consistent with God’s nature and master plan.
When Nehemiah was approach with the news about Jerusalem Nehemiah 1:1-5.
The situation calls for worry but what can into play was not worry but burden.
He knew by the scripture that the scepter shall not leave Judah until shiloh come, and unto him shall all the gathering of the people come (Genesis 49:10).
hmmm seeing Judah at that present situation he knew that prophecy may not find fulfillment. So after weeping, and praying for days he then disclose it to his master and permission was granted to him to go build the broken walls. (Nehemiah 2:1-5).
What you are to do when ever God placed a burden into your heart is to pray and wait on him, what you are doing spiritually is permitting God to invade into the matter.
If you will cretically examine your life, you will see that God had been laying some burden into your heart, although you might not have attended to them for long now and they still keep coming, a time will come when it will vanish because the season when you are needed to stand and pray is gone.
God had been bothering you to pray every night for your family but you have been careless about it, please if you are the one, start tending that burden from today, it’s for a reason.
God have been laying in your heart to embark on a retreat, but you have been procrastinating the time, please today is a new day that you can start to obey.
You have been burdened to pray for a friend for more than a month but you keep shifting the praying time.
The most crying thing with burden is, when you are not taking it with seriousness,
God looks for a man and give him the task you failed to accomplished.
Kai Kai
My heart is burden,
Sir please if there is anything you need to start doing now is to tend that burden God is placing in your heart. Nurture it till it birth forth something great.
Can you begin to take God with all seriousness he wants to do business with you.
Can we pray.

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