You can be  a bishop but you will not have status in the spirit, you can be a believer but you cannot have statue in the spirit, statue is not a function of title that men allocate to people, statue is a function dead. There  are certain people according to the calendar of heaven , they  pathway that God creates for them is to stay behind the   mountains, no body will know them, all they need is to generate energy through intercession but they will see somebody else on the  television and they want to be on the television, the moment you yield to that lust and you shift away from where God kept you, you can  become a national evangelist but in heaven you are a child.


That’s  why the bible says, there are some that this world , there name should not be mention, what they did in time is too shallow that every time you call upon there name you reduce there rank, it is only  in heaven that there citation can be read, these men , men don’t have the right to celebrate them, only cherub of glory can celebrate them.


Hope you know some people men clap for them and there are other people, its angels that claps for them, it is the that you have choose to follow, the path of dead, the path  of Dead is the key to greatness in the kingdom. Every time we refuse to die to the effect  of the fall, we refuse to be promoted, the reason we can a song and that song will go no where is because you  refuse to die. You can put it on YouTube, you can put it on instagram, is not instagram that promotes men, every time the name of a man is noise out, there are angels blowing trumpet  in the spirit…… that business you are struggling with for five years if only you will die. God tells you to take this portion and take it thee but you refuse and say noo its not wise, God tells you go to church every Saturday in the morning and pray, you say no is every Saturday morning that customer  come. You don’t know the ways of the kingdom, the ways of the spirit is for spirit to enable men to rise.. when elders of old found this, the not only live their lives y principles there are patterns they found.

The safest way to walk with a spirit is to die to your apatite, is to die to your will, is to die to the tendencies of the flesh, if you do it you will be amazed, a  point will come when the  jealousy of God becomes your birthright, no body can fight you, God can choose to leave a million people and  over you and your matter is high in the spirit .

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