In history we heard of  this  apostle of darkness called Nimrod, Nimrod inverted the principles of God, history record that Nimrod married his mother, it is an abomination and then  they gave birth to some seed of darkness and ungodliness. One of  the reasons God does not want you to be involved in  sex before marriage is so that  your seed will be godly.

There will be no throne making  claim on that seed, the seed will be godly, it will be easy for that  kind of seed to give his life to Christ and to recognized his call and to  live souly for God, it will be easy because that seed came out of established foundation of righteousness….

When our  generation become lascivious… and the  emphasis of Gods will and Gods pattern  and purposes are not longer  brought in clear court and clear fashion , minister  come and cracks jokes about breaking the law of God  and cleft to the  grace of God that is available in the blood of Jesus as a basis for their lasciviousness , you don’t know what is happening? Babylon is using this man because of his influence on the pulpit to bring people under satanic influence where claims will be made over their lives…

You have slept with more than 25 men and you want to be normal? You can’t be normal except you submit to  God and submit to his cleansing, you submit to his process and he will subject you through a process that will cause you pain but the purpose of the pain is to bring you through a path where this spirit you invited will not have claim over your life again.


We went to pray to a lady who had no conceive and we went there we were do angry, that after this long this lady had not given birth, and we began to search the realm and a balloon appear in the spirit and when that balloon appear two broom stick appear and deflect it and the holy ghost said, abortion……

If that were all it would have been good, it was when the balloon left  we now saw a principality with a bowl and blood was inside………by the time you begin to see properly into the spirit realm, there are something  you will not do, that loose life you have adopted, you say you are in a relationship you go to places you are sleeping  in the persons house you are disown. .. you are on your won.

I know its hard, that why if you are in a courtship pray well, so that the flesh will not control you. When you begin to feel intense burning use your  will to paddle your canoe., you won’t die.

The reason of all of that as difficult as it is, God doesn’t  want  a throne to evolves out of your  carelessness that will control a season of your life….

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