I remember there was a time like that in Abuja  I can from Kano after  my youth service and I  was staying with my sister,  they were working for the government in high places and they have house and A.C everywhere Jesus, and it was  a Julius beggar facility, there was light 24 hours in a day, there was food everyday, I was living  as if I was not in this nation, my God, for long  my feet don’t touch the ground cause am moving on rocks Jesus, those days I  had internet service  on my table and so I just  come to the place and browse and then browsing was not common, I had a phone on the dick for free, I make calls for hours  two hours on the phone ……oooooo my wife is looking at me, that was when we are in motion, I was at work the lord gives you understanding .

We had one satellite in the house and I was in the  house one day they brought some gadget and they fixed another one . my  brother in law says if you are tired of the one the parlor you can come to the sitting room just  relax, you have been fasting for so long see you bones are out now and I believed him……  and I gave myself to rest and after two months I tried to speak in tongues , the last sensitivity  I picked a demons in the house so  I stood up to pray no tongues the tongues have dried out,  have you ever stood up one of those days  spontaneously to do  something like Samson you never know that your strength had gone .

love not the world, the things I was involved with were not sinful I was  doing internet , just watching films and the more  I gave my heart unto the things that were around me the more I saw  that it ha no compatibility  with my spiritual life, I had to repent that day, meanwhile in this my backsliding state I was a good preacher, I was receiving invitation .


when I have found out I have backslide far, I located  the library cause in the  there is a library it is sound proof, if you shout  someone outside the library will not hear you, and I enter a fast, I said to the death, but that which I had  in my spirit has to raise again. In order for to maintain and to build my spiritual life again , I had to disconnect from anything around. Everything you run that is not Christ will  expired. Every form of excitement you derive from it will expired, in the first two weeks when I come to the house, I love the place and my God, but a time will come that everything that makes a carnal man glad will loose authority  because that implant is crying out for another substance……. Jesus want us to become intoxicated, when you become intoxicated everything in your soul  and your heart is bound upon will loose authority  and misplaced Alas master. The cure that  God has secure for the attraction of all is that there is a law situation he has created in your  spirit.

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