I have seen Christians that have been manipulated, Christian destiny that have been shot changed…. There is a place you need to take over. There is a place you must claim, there is a place you must touch…..

I have found out that Christianity is not for gentle men, not for men with tie and suit trying to speak queens English,  the things that are operating , if you  must stand the wickedness that is at work, you will learn how to cry, you will learn how to tarry….

A pastor was sent to a village to pastor a church God told him that he was going to pastor the largest church in that place, but he was  going to go the way of prayer.. after four years  of  pasturing in the village, he has twelve members. If its you, would still continue? Twelve members after four years..


So the guy said wait, this is not what God told me,  it always Good for you to start something with the voice of God because you can go back to God and say this is not the agreement.

I didn’t  say you should send me , I didn’t say I like that place, you called me and say go there …… this is not what we discuss… what am I doing that is not right?


God told him you pray, but you don’t pray when the portal that governs your territory is active.  There are secret in the book of Acts of the Apostle…. I will show you that anytime people has angelic encounters , if you search the entire book of Acts, you will see a pattern, angels don’t just appear like that, the  supernatural don’t just come into the natural like that… that why some you may never see angels and to some of us that’s where we live.


There is nothing mysterious about the spirit realm, is just that  its guided with secrets , if you know hoe to touch the things you need to touch, some things will change, even money..

He says you have been praying at the time when your portal is active, so he  now went to the holy spirit to ask, when is this time?, he said the night, from 12am-3am that’s when your portal is active in your city.


By what wisdom do they designated market days for markets in your village? And if you are from Benin, from the Royal family  you must marry on the ,market day, by what wisdom do that policy come from?

We think we can do this beggarly conventional Christianity and think we can contend  with the  darkness that is ranging in our time? You are joking. Is better you backslide and look for something else but if it’s the power that is in the kingdom of God, we cant play it the way normal people play Christianity. That Christianity  is fake, is not biblical, if you make  Jesus a  part of your life, your life will wracked.  Is only when you make him the center, make Jesus the  foundation upon which you stand and the orders your life, that’s when your life will such a mystery that darkness cannot be seen upon. After you finish building with eh tools from the flesh you are expecting God to come and bless it, in fact is  even criminal to even think that way.

If we want to see result, let say the truth. The man now wokes up in the night and  began  to pray….. the holy spirit now spoke to him, do you see this high way that they just constructed?  it did not become a high way today, it was a foot path and there  are many masteries that are tired under it, so  what you will do, get a candle stick in the night and then light it in the night on the high way, and begin to speak what  I told you, that’s a prophet action, you will never know why it is candle stick, why it is 12 midnight? God will never explain because that’s a code.

See the pillars of the earth are spiritual and you will need some code to  touch them, and god will never tell you why you are doing what you are doing, it will always be by faith.

He began to speak, he began to speak, that’s how  the church started growing, now somebody can look at it in a carnal way and say “its candle na”

Its time to touch God, if some of us did not touch God we would have die by now, Is time  to touch God

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