I was in a hotel and I said I want to rest and someone said. Yes Bishop oyedepo just left this room I said  I don’t understand, which oyedepo? The Oyedepo we know? and he said yes I said everybody get out, everybody leave, and I lay down rolling from one end to the other (speaking in tongues) I draw.


one day the arch bishop(Benson Idahosa)  was sited and God’s servant Bishop David  Oyedepo David came to him  and as usually  the arch bishop open under the bed and told him take the money, bishop opened it and pushed it inside and said, don’t give me money, give me what brings money.


Today the man is running universities like secondary schools, running four universities. The federal government to run one they cant pay… ASUU are striking and one man is running four , no stress, I heard him talking the other day, he said they have 7 bank account that they don’t touch, in  billions they are not touching . There are people that are not individuals they are government. Do you know what it means to build university somebody has it, and not just to build to run it effortlessly , not loosing one sleep, not cracking the head, four institution. Not a strike one day. Am I talking to somebody. Bishop David Oyedepo is a government .

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