There are men and women whose life have become a memorial in the gathering of the mortals and the immortals.
Such was the story of John Wesley. It was recorded that because John Wesley preached on the street of Europe for some period of time, the power of God took over the territory completely that for 100 years no beer parlor was in use, they all have to shut down why?

The test bud of men have shift from beer to something that have eternal meaning and value.

Men begin to desire for God, instead of becoming addicted to beer, they have become addicted with a truth that was preached for 100 years. Kai

The message he preached carries so much weight that it took 100 years to begin to be come light in the heart of men.
The words he spoke were like fire in their bones, they wake up every morning only to realized that the things John Wesley says keeps resounding on their ears.

How was he able to do that, such that his Word could stay amidst of men for many years?

John Wesley will say, I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn, he always sets himself on fire that men come and as they come he transfers this fire into them that they will live with for years.

Speaking Grammer and good English is good but until it is backed up by the holy spirit, one is just an English teacher. Until we begin to press into God and gain something tangible for this season, we my not make impact in the life of the people God brings our ways every day.

A whole city follows a man that carries fire, even though at some point, John Wesley was banish for preaching the messages of God, but even outside the city men still follow him that they may connect to the fountains he is drinking from.

Beyond English and Grammar, contend for something that this generation appreciate God for.

Beyond the fine dressing, get something that you will give this generation.

It will be in our days that the culture and lifestyle of zion find expression.
This may not a. Message for ALL but to whom it may concern, it’s you this generation await to show us the ways and status of God, nations are waiting for thy raising, they wait you to come show them the truth that can be access in this kingdom

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